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Nigeria will end up in a very, very bad way if… – Osinbajo

The Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has warned that Nigeria would be plunged into more trouble, if the present war against corruption fails.

He noted that corruption was fiercely waging reprisal attacks in states, but assured the public that President Muhammadu Buhari was committed to sustaining the anti-corruption fight to ensure the system was cleaned up and government business done the right way.

He also called for a re-orientation of Nigerians. Speaking during a courtesy visit to his office by Nigerian Association of Law Teachers at State House, Abuja, yesterday,

Osinbajo noted that Defense contracts of $15 billion, for which many individuals were being prosecuted, was half of the nation’s  foreign reserves. He said: “If we are not able to sustain the fight against corruption, we will end up in a very, very bad way as a nation. “We have seen it in so many different ways that at almost every state, corruption fights back and fights very fiercely,

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  1. “We have seen it in so many different ways that at almost every state, corruption fights back and fights very fiercely.

  2. Pastor Emmanuel Emeka Anyanwu

    Yes corruption is endemic. What about past Administrations Oshibanjo? People should be left to get away with their loot? None of you parading your selves as politicians today who was privileged to serve this country in one capacity or the other who did not loot this nation. You were not leaders but looters. Begin from Independence Oshi

  3. Pastor Emmanuel Emeka Anyanwu

    Oshi. Did you read Chatterm House piece on corruption in Nigeria since 1964? Stop deceiving your self and fellow NigeriansThe cabalis stopping you. Have you signed the budget? when you do come lets talk otherwise…BIAFRA BIFRA BIAFRA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oluwagbami Samuel Babajide JP

      You are not qualified to be called a pastor infact you are a disgrace to Godskingdom man of God will never speak the way you spoke pls go to garage and become one of the touts… Pastor my foot.

  4. Henry Akinnawo

    This fake pastor is an enemy of our people from the former Eastern Region of Nigeria.He can never see anything positive about Nigeria.That is a fact.We don’t need people like him at this time.We need positive thinking people with good solutions to our problems.We don’t need haters.

    • Biafra failed in January 1970, even when there were dedicated men and women. Today, the poor are shouting “Biafra” while the rich and affluent are fighting themselves for juicy positions in the Federal Government! Who is fooling whom? Pastor Anyanwu!

  5. Yorubas re coward! alwz afraid of northerners

  6. Clement Adebayo

    Oshinbajo Was Talking Of 15b Dollars Contract Probe Thatis On Which is Ok By Me But Let Him Comment On Tinubu His Mentor Amaechi And Others Who Are Now Untouchable Because Of Their Party Affilliation

  7. Which Corruption Can They Boast Of Fighting With Sincerity? Collecting And Sharing It To Their Own Pockets Of Foreign Accounts. Is That The Way Of Truthfulness? Okay, Let Them Come Out And Declare What The Money They Collected Is Used For? Or Would They Say They Are Not Recovering Billions And Trillions Amount Of Money? So, Where Do They Keep It? Bcos, The Economy Is At Pity Worse Than They Messed It Up.

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