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Hope For Biafra: 28-Southern High-Rank Military Officers Drops Resignation Letter, Pledges Support to Biafran Army

Fresh details emerge on the mass resignation letter from the Nigerian High-Rank Military Officers which was announced in the early hours of Thursday, June 27. The army spokesperson, explained the resignation of the officers was based on “Biafra Agitations”.

It may signify that cases of partnership (due to some unfair practices during the 2015 election and in the war against Boko Haram) and corruption (Dasuki gate scandal) are behind their decision. The exact number of other officers is still unclear. The latest move affected 82 officers and as stated by Channelstv, about 200 Southern Sergeants tendered a letter of resignation. However, the first list with 82 names and their ranks has become available on Saturday, 1st July.

Read the first batch of names below:Click the boxx below to view names

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  1. daniel emmanuel

    Interesting and up to date news, keep it up.

  2. Let Igbo people out of this beloved country for goodness sake. They are always looking for downfall of Nigeria, they are the originator of all problems we are nursing today, such as coups, armed rubbery, embezzlement, money laundering, pipeline vandalism, they are too proud of their oil land. So, they should firstly pack their belongs out and then stay on their own

    • In the contrary, Igbos are the heartbeat of this damnable contraption called ‘NIGERAREA’.

    • If lgbos go out of Nigeria it will the same story of the Israelis in Egypt the moment the Israelites left Egypt that country were civilization started in the world become a refuse dump.

    • Kenneth okonkwo

      Did you just call nigeria a country? A zoo without laws, a zoo without government, and you said we are behind all embezzlement, was it an igbo man or woman that embezzled 3 trillion, 10 billion? So on and so forth, yes we proud of our oil land, tell your people to let us go

    • U get mouth Bros, the last time i checked the igbos dnt hv anytin to offer Nigerians, instead they are benefitting frm evry nooks nd crannies of dis nation.U CANT INVEST OR DO BUSINESS IN SOUTH EAST AS A NON INDEGINE WE NO DOS TINZ

  3. Bosun u have shown ur ignorance. So Igbo are responsible for the lopsidedness in federal appointment, Igbo are responsible for federal character that has caused so many ills to the country. Ibos have stolen more than abacha, buhari, atiku, abdulsalami,
    Abeg kwontinue with your kparaga for your brown roof territory. Na God I take beg u no dey put mouth for Biafra issue make u fit live long

  4. what kind of hope? hope of the graveyard. those ones are simply tired and want to go and rest. abeg lets talk about better things.

  5. It just quiet unfortunate that most of the young boys of today do not really know what war all about, 1967/70 is not just a year, what is happening now is a sign of war again and I never pray for war. Why don’t we come to the round table, we can use pen to solve this instead if war. Am not in support of any tribe, let’s be focus, we are brothers keeper

    • No let war come so the idiots will fucking die in pain since they don’t like to live in peace

      • No body is praying for war what will Biafra is asking of is freedom, BT if the Nigeria gov don’t want peace then we will give them what ever they want,I wan to remind you that no body won the war,up on all the country that supported the so call Nigeria they were not still able to difeat biafra,i also want to remind you that biafra are the people making the so call Nigeria to be what it is now, so if they cause any conflict we will show them that the three wise men are from the east and they will be no Britain to support them,and we will wast them like ant and the name Nigeria will be no more let them try nonsense nd see what will happen

    • Good talk Bright,They know not what they are writing!

  6. If Nigeria doesn’t break up, we can’t develop more than this. We will always be struggling to maintain everything that guarantees the welfare of her people but cannot improve on it.

  7. Everybody is entitled to his or her opinion.
    Whatever your comment may be, the will of God will surely be done!

  8. let igbos have their way for me i see no sense in staying together that is not profitable both side must win no relationship[ without pain yes understood but when it’s getting too much it becomes lugubrious it’s a painful thing even for me to see that nigeria has no future for her people then escape rout will be better if u can’t catch them they say join them but biafra don’t want to join them they want to stay clear and i think i will support that. i loved nigeria but she seem baseless, future-less, and with loads of empty promises.
    BIAFRA for life am not an igbo man but i think this country-BIAFRA will perform better on their own full of energetic people. igbo brothers pls this issue can be solved without violence let’s all be careful. GOD bless us all in JESUS name

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